Virtual assistant with Cyber Essentials certification

Virtual Assistant in Northampton gets Cyber Essentials Certification!

I am Virtual Assist Limited, one of only two registered cyber essentials certified virtual assistants on the government-held register within the UK. 

Why did a virtual assistant in Northampton get cyber essentials certification?

  1. We wanted to work on government contracts so we needed to take security seriously.
  2. We want to ensure that all of our client data is secure and cyber essentials provided us with that peace of mind.
  3. New GDPR rules made us focus on how we process information, as it has most other reputable companies, we would hate to lose anyone’s sensitive data due to a security breach. 
  4. We wanted to give peace of mind to our clients that we have taken cyber security seriously.

What have we done to gain this certification?

We have taken an extensive look at all of our network systems and IT equipment to ensure that it is safe and defended against common cyber crimes such as hacking, phishing or password guessing – hackers can do this will little skill. 

So after some tough learning and simple tweaks to what we already do we gained certification! 

If you want to use a cyber secure virtual assistant give us a call