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Create your own WordPress website

This post will explain why you can and should create your own wordpress website rather than any other.

It is so easy to create a website these days; anyone can do it, right? With go.daddy and 123.reg and others offering you a website for £1, it seems such an easy thing to do, some sites even giving them away for FREE! I mean Free who wouldn’t want something for FREE? You believe you have a great deal until you start trawling through the process and adding extras! Suddenly you think ‘Woah this is more than a quid! It costs a few hundred!’ further to this after you have created your fabulous site, edits are a royal pain in the A*s and indeed not easy to manage!

Eventually, you give up and go to see an expert who will charge anything from £500 – £10,000 for a website, dependant on what you need.

What can i do to save myself time?

Let us save you a world of pain. In our opinion, if you want to create a website, creating a WordPress website is the best and most flexible option for any business. And yes you can have a free WordPress website too absolutley. Although it won’t look the best, as it will likely have too many ads. However It can, and will grow with you and your needs, and all it takes is minimal skills to create new content. You can add new elements to your site whenever you feel its necessary. Maybe at the beginning, you just wanted the online presence, and then you realise you can sell things – with WordPress you add another plugin when you need it and voila! You have an online shop! (a plugin is like an app for your website).

One of our services as a virtual assistant in northampton is to create WordPress sites for any business, but there is no reason why you cant create your own. All in with a domain should cost $300. Of course, this would be for a bog-standard template website. But at least you know you are getting exactly what it says on the tin!

If you want to create a website, you can find it takes no more than 10 minutes on the WordPress site.

If you get stuck and need assistance contact us and we will help. We are not rocket scientists, what we do offer, is time for you to get on with the bigger things and some useful skills 🙂