How to Make a Website in 5 minutes!


If you like many others are embarking on a new business venture and need to set up a new website, Take my advice

  1. Use you will have a website set up in 5 minutes. Trust me you can!
  2. Get the personal plan for around £90 this includes your domain, hosting and website all in! You can’t get better than that! If you want to sell things get premium – its about 50quid more.
  3. Choose a great theme for your business – there are ready made homepages for beauty, restaurants, photographers, consultants you name it there will be a great theme(template) ready and waiting for you!
  4. If your business goes well, upgrade to the business plan for around £300quid where you can have any themes and plugins you want. WordPress has so many themes you could spend a lot more than 5 mins choosing – but don’t do that! choose quickly we’re trying to do this in 5 mins so you can get on with making some money!
  5. The beauty of is that your site can grow as your business does! And you can change it whenever you want.
  6. I use WordPress because its the best and most cost effective way to grow with you. Every step of the way you can upgrade.  

Like I have said in previous posts, to many of my friends, and clients; it’s easy! 

Don’t let technology scare you away from having the business you have always dreamed of! 

Want to sell wax melts? maybe you’re the latest, or Joe Wicks? what ever your dream job don’t let websites scare you. Build yours here.

The costs on are clear, you know where you stand. you get responsive designs that work on all types of devices and you even get built in SEO!! YOU DO NOT NEED TECHNICAL SKILLS TO DO THIS!!

If you just don’t have the confidence to go it alone and would like support from a fabulous VA, then book a web development morning with me I’m currently charging just £150 to set up a website using for any new business contact me to find out more today!

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