Create a Website

Create your own WordPress website This post will explain why you can and should create your own WordPress website rather than any other. It is so easy to create a website these days; anyone can do it, right? With go.daddy and 123.reg and others offering you a website for £1, it seems such an easyContinue reading “Create a Website”

Virtual Assistant in Northampton gets Cyber Essentials Certification!

I am Virtual Assist Limited, one of only two registered cyber essentials certified virtual assistants on the government-held register within the UK.  Why did a virtual assistant in Northampton get cyber essentials certification? We wanted to work on government contracts so we needed to take security seriously. We want to ensure that all of ourContinue reading “Virtual Assistant in Northampton gets Cyber Essentials Certification!”

Virtual Assistant Northampton March Update

How Virtual Assistants in Northampton roll… I’m sat here on a Friday night catching up with everything because the business is growing fantastically! So much so we are employing new team members – to be introduced on the website soon. Due to this amazingly unexpected workload, the blog is lacking! I have decided I canContinue reading “Virtual Assistant Northampton March Update”

10 Reasons Why You Might Need a Virtual Assistant

Why do you need a Virtual Assistant? So here I am a virtual assistant writing a blog about why people would need my services, mainly to build up content on my site (just being honest:) but also to give people a reason to use my services too. So here are 10 reasons why you mightContinue reading “10 Reasons Why You Might Need a Virtual Assistant”